Mobile Phone Blue Light Filter Screen Protector

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In our current day and age, we live on our phones and mobile devices. This means our eyes are consuming blue light at extemely high levels. If you are not using a blue light filter screen protector, start now with our blue ligth reduction screen protectors. With concern building over the amount of blue light our eyes consume from LED lights and screens, you can rest assured knowing our screen protectors elimante blue light entirely.

Dr. Lite's screen protectors protect a wide range of electronic devices, filtering out harmful blue light that leads to eye fatigue and strain. The screen protectors work on iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 8 and X, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and LG G6 and LG V20.

We understand the potential harm of blue light over exposure to individuals who actively use LED devices. Dr. Lite products are the highest performing anti blue light screen protectors on the market.

Doctor developed and recommended, our blue light reduction products act as a combatant to general macular degeneration, which results in poor eyesight or even total blindness. For children, it also addresses the recent discovery that overexposure to blue light causes sleep depravation and behavioral issues.

Our company is unique in our single focus on reducing blue light consumption. Our goal is to create blue light filter products that allow for better studying, crafting, computer and device use, and an overall healthier life.

If you are serious about filtering unhealthy levels of blue light from your life, please check out our entire line of blue light reduction lamps and blue light screen protectors. Check back frequently, as we will have additional products to offer soon!

Be careful when you shop for blue light screen protectors. Not all screen protectors are created equally, and most of them do not remove blue light entirely like Dr. Lite products do. Some are only designed to dim the light emitting from screens, and do not actually filter blue light. We strive with every product we offer to entirely remove blue light, without compromising the colors or display of your screens. Our blue light reduction lamps actually increase readability!

If overexposure to blue light is an unfamilar topic, we encourage you to research the issue on our site. Then begin counteracting this problem by investing in one of our many blue light reduction products!

iPhone: 6, 6S, 7, 8 and X
Samsung: Galaxy Note 8
LG: G6 and V20

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